A 1 MILANO-NAPOLI Highway Barberino di Mugello Aglio Passage

This project requires the construction of a new highway section of 6.2 km, a roadway with three lanes.
The work includes the construction of 3 tunnels (Manganaccia, Alteta and Puliana) with a total length of 3.5 km, an artificial tunnel of 210 m, 3 steel
viaducts (Lora, Fiumicello and Sieve) with a total length of 1.2 km and an Viaduct – called ‘Aglio’ after the river that flows under it – from 598m.

This was done with a balanced cantilever construction (Dywidag).
The Aglio viaduct, consisting of 2 shore spans of 77m and 3 central spans of a total of 444 m (148 m in total) is certainly the main aspect of the project.
All spans are variable in cross-section, the vertical supports have over 80 m high.